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Referral Form 

Referral Form

Please provide as much detail as possible...

Provide as much detail as you can....

Give details regarding the current thoughts, feelings and behaviours being experienced...

Include information about any medical conditions or ailments that exist and if there are any substance use issues that we should know about.

What happens next?...


If you have sent the referral form, then we will soon get in touch so that we can complete a ' Friends For Lives' Assessment.

A ‘Friends For Lives’ Assessment combines information obtained from PHQ-9, SAFE-T and C-SSRS evidence based suicide risk questionnaires.  

These assessments are then acted upon directly with immediate access to talking therapies, cooperated safety planning, and then additionally supported by continued monitoring, other supports and  further assessments.

Immediate, comprehensive, reliable and confidential support is the essence of  the ‘Friends For Lives’ program.

Thank you... 'we are glad you told us'.

                                                                                                                           Friends For Lives.

Telephone: 0330 1136719. 
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